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What Joe's Garage provides is options for you. 

Option 1.

You can do by the manufactures maintenance required book scheduled service.

Option 2. 

You can do what we recommend.

Why do we offer option 2.

We notice we each have our own style that includes not just makes and models of vehicles but our driving habits.  Because of this some of the maintenance that is required by the manufacture for an A service might have some of the B service requirements.  You drive in the gray area. No two drivers are alike. The manufacture gives you a guideline based on federal standards therefore, it is an average.  

Option 3.  timing belt services;

At Joe's Garage, we are thinking of how to save you $$MONEY...

Many times the manufactures require only the timing belt change at every 90,000, and then at every 105,000 they require the the water pump. With us already tearing down to get to the timing belt we recommend that our customers also do the water pump, and seals.  At this junction you just add the price of parts. This saves you money for the water pump service.  So in essence we do a combination timing belt water pump service.